Our Place is an organization dedicated to facilitating transformative personal growth in at-risk Jewish teens and young adults, currently struggling with substance abuse, severe crisis, and criminal behavior.

Our Place
runs a wide array of services including teen drop-in centers, 12-step support groups, support for victims of sexual abuse, mentoring programs, a 24-hour crisis hotline, teen pregnancy guidance, extensive drug rehabilitation and therapy placement networks, an “alternative” high school, as well as, vocational and educational placement services.

primary objective is to create a non-judgmental and stable environment that provides the basic needs of survival that a healthy family would typically provide, including basic physiological necessities, physical safety, and an unconditional demonstration of love and belonging. Through this far-reaching and “Whole Life Therapy” approach, Our Place
provides troubled youth with a second chance; a life free of unhealthy and criminal behavior, and an opportunity to serve as a source of everlasting pride to their family, community and heritage.

Help us reach our goal of $100,000

$128,187 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!


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Gfi Closers $12,000.00
Maidenbaum Tax Attackers $10,000.00
MYDA $6,320.00
Quicksilver Capital $6,100.00
BayswaterBoys $5,365.00
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Top 5 Fundraisers
yosef katz $ 12,000.00
Michael Puderbeutel $ 6,000.00
Menachem Lieber $ 5,100.00
Don Ghermezian $ 5,000.00
Nathan Maidenbaum $ 5,000.00
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Our Place Kids Speak

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